Third Sermon

from by Tetragrammaton



V. The Body of Light

Goddess of flame,
Whisper unto me thy embrace,

Upon thy left hand,
The serpent anointed,

Adornment of flesh,
Take siege upon my bones,
As the eternal spiral pierces the sky,

Thee shall weave our grave amidst the stars,
A crucifixion of former cognizance,
The purity of essence bathed in our blood,
Union of breath, the absolute clarity,

The hidden God is now dawning,
I am truth and thee are one with I,
(I) invoke thee; bornless child,
Of cosmic purpose and will,

VI. Algol: The Wheel

O! Holy truth,
Encase me in thy radiance,
A shower of burning sulfur,
Cleanses my skin,
Cleanses my soul,
Amidst searing flesh, I see all,

Celestial frame of grey embrace,
Procession of thy will,
(In waning pulses, the dying stars which embellish thee sing)
To the glistening incandescence of bleak,

To inscribe upon sacred god flesh,
An oscillating disenchantment,
Gather before the body of I,
Corporeal vessel of desire,

Sever the limb,
Cut away from the soul,
The circles of duality.


from Descendere, released August 5, 2014



all rights reserved



אהיה אשר אהיה

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