Second Sermon

from by Tetragrammaton



III. Filth Goddess

Grotesque absolute,
Thy breath stagnant,
Eater of sin,
Beheld by dying light,
The abortion of creation,

O, glorious ruin,
Lips quenched in vile,
Temple of desecration,
The putrid cavity which remains of thee is suspended in a static dissonance,
Thy wretched ribs resonate with a grandiose corruption,
Blessed abandon,
I tear thy wings,

A complete deconstruction of thy matter,
From which the torn fabric of dimension,
I am at union with putrescence,
Of the greatest carrion, I am embellished,
The vultures begin to circle,
And from the dust that was once thee,
I inherit thy essence,
An ember burning into vastness,

The fading self reforms,
Coagulating blood births flesh,
Misery and infinite flow from the wrist.

IV. Altar

As conjured from within the realm of Nuit.


from Descendere, released August 5, 2014



all rights reserved



אהיה אשר אהיה

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