Split w/ Nuclear Hellfrost

by Tetragrammaton

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released May 10, 2013

Recorded by Michael Venereo
Art by E. Urbano
Co-Released by Dying God Records and Eternal Warfrost Productions



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אהיה אשר אהיה

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Track Name: A Splintered Self
The embers ov a former self,
Bring not much light,
Leaving only a glimpse,
Ov the wretch that now arises,
Pheonix and regret,
I, centre ov pestilence,
Once a soul ov sensation,
Now numb by the cold kiss ov existence,

I stood waiting until the end ov time,
To finally witness it all fall,
In vain I watched,
Only to be left in bleak thirst,

Life support flatlines,
A leech now feeds,
Grudge holds me at the throat,
With chains ov past suns,

Ambition asphyxiates,
Buried in a grave ov frost,
Frozen by a cold shoulder,
Divine consequence ov free will,
Digging through the sockets,
Tearing out my eyes,
Futures remain expendable,
I've seen enough.
Track Name: The Body Ov Light
Goddess ov flame,
Whisper unto me thy embrace,

Upon thy left hand,
The serpent anointed,

Adornment ov flesh,
Take siege upon my bones,
As the eternal spiral pierces the sky,

Thee shall weave our grave amidst the stars,
A crucifixion ov former cognizance,
The purity ov essence bathed in our blood,
Union ov breath, the absolute clarity,

The hidden God is now dawning,
I am truth and thee are one with I,
(I) invoke thee; the bornless child,
Ov cosmic purpose and will,